Welcome Bossy Bars!


Welcome readers, I’m Lisa Wharton and I’m excited to introduce Bossy Bars! Bossy Bars is an essential oil soap company that is in the beginning phases of development. My main goals are to introduce people the benefits of essential oils in a new way and to honor the memory of my mom. My mom was a massage therapist and used essential oils on us all the time, she loved them and the benefits that they offered her family and so did we.

A few years ago my mom passed away suddenly from cancer. We had 6 weeks from the diagnosis to her passing. It was shocking and devastating, she was my best friend. During that time friends helped a lot, she had a friend that sent a box of lavender scented soaps and lotions, her face lit up when she received them and they helped greatly with her nausea. I will always be grateful to that friend. Shortly after she passed I was re-introduced to the oils by a friend and instantly remembered the love I had for them and felt a great connection to my mom. I started using them right away for everything from ear infections, getting the kids to sleep, anxiety and tooth aches.

Recently we moved from California to Idaho. I left my hometown and started on a new adventure with my family. One day I feeling lonely in my new state and was looking for something to distract me so I grabbed a book from my hobby pile, it was a soap making book that my mom had given me a few years ago. I had held onto it knowing that someday I would have time and space to do this. I was finally at that someday. I was excited to start a new adventure in soap making. Excited to do something new for myself that would benefit my family and others as well. Who knew I’d have to move to Idaho to get this started!

As I researched what kind of soap I wanted to make I was hit with almost instant inspiration to combine the benefits of essential oils with a great bar of homemade soap. I thought of my mom again and how much that box of soaps meant to her. Because of this I want to reach out to those that are going through cancer and start a program where you can donate a bar to a cancer patient. I will also be donating a bar for every 20 that I sell. I am excited to give back in memory of my mom, to help people help themselves, and to make this a success

RELAX ALREADY (between the sheets) Lavender and ylang ylang for a bar that not only calms you from your day but drives up your libido too! It is the perfect bedtime bar

ZAP ZITS Lemongrass and Melaluca to help control that acne

YOU STINK Cedarwood and Melaluca will join forces to fight that strong body odor, great for men, my husband inspired this one 😉

WAKE UP Eucalyptus and Peppermint for the perfect morning shower that will get your day started

Visit my oils page to learn more about the benefits of essential oils  http://www.mydoterra.com/lisawharton/

Like Bossy Bars on FB to keep up with our progress and be a part of the creation process https://www.facebook.com/bossybars






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