Recently, as I expressed frustration about an upcoming event, a good friend told me to relax, everything isn’t always ideal. Agreed. But knowing life is full of unknowns we can’t control, I have always felt what we can control needs to be in as much order as possible. But was holding onto justice and what I felt was right (about a social event, not a person’s life) worth the negative energy I was creating in my own life? After some reflection, I had to admit my friend was right; I need to relax or more importantly let go of the things I can’t control.

I didn’t need the kind of relaxation that comes from a bubble bath or quiet moments. I need to be a little easier going in life’s not so critical events. So I am giving myself three ways to create a relaxed environment in my life and start giving up control.

1. Remember, sometimes good enough is best.
2. How people feel around me is more important than an end result.
3. Have fun. Laugh when possible. Smile often.

I hope these will help me more readily accept outcomes when I don’t agree with a situations that is not life altering. More importantly I want to create better moments and memories with my friends and family.

How do you need to relax?

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