On the move: Three things I learned moving to three different states

After moving, the boxes get mostly emptied and pictures hung on the wall. Now there is finally a moment to breathe and relax. The physical aspects of moving are demanding. When they are over, however, the emotional demands of a new start can take over. Ten years ago, our family relocated to a new state for the first time. Two states later, I have learned some valuable and sometimes hard lessons about making moving a little more emotionally successful for myself and family. Here are the three lessons I have learned.

Oregon: Explore where you live

California: Love what you have

Colorado: Stay true to yourself

Part One: Oregon

When we moved to Beaverton, Oregon we had two children ages 5 and almost 3. This was our first time being more than 90 minutes from family. My oldest started kindergarten the day after we arrived. Part of this transition going smoothly was my college roommate, Heather, had moved to the area a few months earlier. I had instant support, but it turned out to be more than that. s family came to the area for her husband to do his Pediatric Residency at Oregon Health & Science University. To encourage families to acclimate, OHSU had a contest with numerous activities to do within a couple hours radius of where we lived. After a year, who ever earned the most points from doing activities would win. Our family was lucky enough to tag along with a lot of these activities. This helped Oregon become a home we loved for three reasons.

1. We saw amazing landscape and had great adventures.

2. We created great memories in our new life that we couldn’t have created anywhere else.

3. It encouraged me to go beyond the list and find new favorites like a fun consignment shop, great ethnic food and loving being near the water, ocean or river.

It doesn’t matter if you have lived somewhere for 20 years or 2 months. Exploring where you live can help you love it!

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