“When Charlie McButton Lost Power”

In my home, the solution to this boredom always seems include electronic devices, game systems, tv, a movie, or virtual games. s book, “When Charlie McButton Lost Power”, it takes on the idea of what is lost when to much time is spent plugged in. Suzanne Colllins is one of my favorite authors. I love her s world and giving me books to read with them to open a discussion.

In “When Charlie McButton Lost Power”, Charlie McButton is a happy child until tragedy strikes, a Will he t work. Instead he until the battery dies. His desperation leads to a series of bad choices. When he calms down from the consequences given, he becomes open to something more rewarding: using his imagination and playing with his little sister Isabel Jane.

This will be the first book I read and talk about with my children this summer. Then when they complain and beg for more electronics, to relieve their summer boredom, I can ask them to discover something new like Charlie McButton. Who knows, they may even discover, like Charlie, that there is a world without electronics that can be fun.

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