An Organized Car… Really!

With four kids I often feel I live in my car. With that comes a lot of mess. Here are 5 ways to keep your car clutter free from Diane Kahler of Organize You, LLC.

We all spend so much time in our cars. For some, we spend several hours at a time in our car. We take kids from one place to another, run errands , go to and from work as well as vacations. No wonder for some of us they have become our second home. But unlike our home, our cars aren’t big enough to carry all of our stuff on a daily bases. We can however keep the things we need at our finger tips and still have it be organized.

Here are my tips for maintaining a neat and organized car.


1st) You will need to first take everything out of the car, (that means the things that are in the glove box, ashtrays and trunk area) Throw away all trash. Then, using the same method when organizing a room, creat three piles: things that don’t belong in your car, things you use in the car and emergency items.

2nd) Ask yourself how you use your car. Do you use it for business (maybe your a salesperson who basically works out of your car). Are you a busy mom running from place to place. Maybe you’re a Realtor who takes clients to view properties. Do you mostly stay around town or do you use your car for road trips.

3rd) Go through your three piles you created and figure out what are the most import things to you. What do you need to keep at arms reach. What are the things that you have to have in your car but can be put in the truck. Are these things seasonal items, can they be stored on a shelf ? You really don’t need a snow brush in your car during the summer months.

4th) Figure out what you need to contain all those items so that you don’t have to hunt for a pen and paper, or my personal favorite look for your cell phone that has fallen under the seat. There are a lot of storage products out there for all sorts of different needs. You might want to check out The Container Store or Target for ideas.

5th) Place those items in your storage containers. Need tissues but don’t want to have a big box lose in the car. Try a tissue holder that fits on a visor, or a tissue cup. Don’t put anything on the floor (not even a trash bag). Once you start, it is too easy just to keep adding to it.

Diane Kahler

Organizing You, LLC

Diane Kahler, lifestyle organizer and owner, is a busy mother of two who has taken organizing to the next level. She uses her unique experiences as an artist, photographer and corporate trainer to inspire others to create organizational systems that are uniquely designed just for them!


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