Lesson from moving to California: Love What You Have

If you wear them, rose­ colored glasses are for looking at the present, not longing for the past. My first two years in California where full of textbook ways to integrate my family into our new area. We got involved in the community and explored our new surroundings. Still, I longed for my life in Oregon.

My rose­colored glasses for the past were blinding me to fully appreciating the beauty of the present. My body was present, but my heart was only half committed. It was only after a real opportunity presented itself for our family to return to the Northwest that I objectively looked at what I would be leaving behind. When I chose to accept California as home and the best place to be, I was able to create stronger relationships, better memories and appreciate the things that only a small farming community could offer.

Maybe it was because we didn’t choose where we were going when we were relocated. Maybe it was because I love the heartbeat of the city. I am not sure why, at first, I couldn’t give my whole heart to living in California. However, what I learned was holding onto the past can prevent you from enjoying the present.

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