Life Is Too Short #409 LG PRINT

Have you ever been told or told someone when finishing a project that the work was perfect, just to have it criticized by someone else later. Or have you longed for a perfect day or experience only to be left wanting? There are things in life that are flawless or can be absolute. For example 2+2 will always equal 4. This is when the definition of perfect is completely free from faults or defects. Have you considered applying a different definition when reflecting on your day or in a moment of chaos? If we define daily experiences with this definition, we will miss many perfect moments and days.

Finally, I have found a definition of perfect that applies to daily living, perfect: as good as it is possible to be. Not only does this definition not feel quite so heavy, it allows room for imperfection.

Every time I see the paper towel commercial where an older brother is making his little brother laugh by blowing bubbles in his chocolate milk with a straw and of course making a mess, I wonder how many of these perfect moments I have missed. Then I try to recommit to focusing on my favorite definition of perfect so I don’t miss many more in the future.

Everyday you can choose to appreciate how good an experience is or continue to want for more. How will you define a perfect moment or day?

Thank you to Janice for sharing her iZoar Village. Image Perfect Nails ©2014 iZoar

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