Stress Release Week 1: Increase water intake

To help decrease my stress, I am committing to drinking 64 oz of water everyday.  Water is readily available. Drinking the right amount is a low cost way that directly impacts my bodies ability to manage stress. I wonder why I haven’t made this commitment sooner!

The top three benefits I want are:
1. Release of toxins. Water gives our bodies the ability to flush toxins. If we aren’t drinking enough, those toxins build up in our body and impact our health.
2. Increased energy, especially in the afternoon. Instead of reaching for food or caffeine to energize my afternoon, I will be reaching for water.
3. Improve brain function. The right amount of water increases our ability to think clearly and focus. I am making sure I drink 8-16 oz. around 3 o’clock so I am ready to support the afternoon rush in our home!

If you want to join me in this weeks challenge, share much water are you drinking a day or what your goal is.

1.Have a clear water bottle or jug (preferably BPA free) so you can see where you are at throughout the day.
2. Add flavor. If you need a little something different, add a lemon, lime, cucumber or mint to your water. Even berries can give it a flavor boost. Stay away from flavor packets.

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