Stress Release Week 2: Lacrosse Ball Massage

I like to carry my stress in my upper back and jaw. This week I am working to loosen my back muscles. Keeping tense will weaken my back. Also, when we have areas that are tight it allows our body to retain toxins. Using a lacrosse ball I am going to enjoy at least three massages this week. The water I am drinking, 64 oz daily, will help my body get rid of released toxins.

You don’t have to do your back. Pick any area that is tight and sore.

Here are the two ways I am going to try:
1. Have someone do it for me. I think my husband and kids will love to do my massage in exchange for one of their own.
2. Use the tension of a wall or floor. I am not very coordinated, so this may be more of a humor release than actual massage. I am going to tie two balls in a sock. Then lay on them or put them between my back and the wall. Now massage!

Thanks Rob, at Denver Academy of Ballet, for recommending this stress releaser. A tennis or golf ball also work. Although, you have to be pretty relaxed already to use a golf ball. Maybe I will be there by week 36!

Thanks to my son for letting me use his lacrosse balls.

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