Stress Release Week 3: Power Hour Unplugged

As much as I LOVE having a smart phone, its connivence sometimes contributes to my stress. This week I am going to not look at my phone in the mornings, which contains my schedule and list for each day, until I have finished my Power Hour. What is a Power Hour? Everyones should look a little different but include meditation, physical exercise and physical nutrition.

This is what my Power Hour looks like. Please share yours!
Meditation: Personal prayer and scripture study
Physical exercise: This varies between: 30 minute walk, yoga, and stretching with strengthening
Nutrition: 8-12 oz water and 1/4 cup of nuts to get me started. Another 8-12 oz. water and breakfast.

Now it is time to open my calendar and briefly check email!

Thank you to Emily Drolshagen, a new friend and awesome doTerra Leader, for introducing me to the term Power Hour.

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