Stress Less During the Holidays: Week 1


The holiday season is in full swing: lights and music, parties and food, family and friends. All can bring joy and stress! If the stress is left unchecked it can create tension and disappointment. So without getting rid of the things that bring us joy in the holiday season, I am sharing three weeks with holiday ideas to reduce the stress.

Week One: Use Your Energy Efficiently.

Take time to decide now what will increase your joy during the holiday season. If left to chance, your time and energy will be used for things that don’t matter to you.

Now write it down and hang it where you can read it every day. This will help make a joyful season a priority and empower you when making choices. Don’t allow small or insignificant choices to become overwhelming and take significant time.

Now give yourself permission to make changes and to say no when needed. As you feel stress increasing and too many events pressing for you time, reflect on what you decided will bring joy this holiday season. Use that as a guide to get you back on track.

Image from Village.

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