Stress Less During the Holidays: Week 2

The Christmas Season is in full swing. Are you enjoying yourself or is stress taking over? Here is another way to create joy this season and release some stress.

Week 2: Express Gratitude.

The increased demands on our time and energy can distract us from gratitude. Losing gratitude for life’s small and large blessings will increase our stress. To ensure gratitude isn’t lost, take time everyday, if only for a few minutes, to express thanks.


Here are a few simple ways. One, start each day with visualizing five people, actions or things you are grateful for. Now, take a moment to reflect on their impact in your life. Two, when something goes wrong focus on parts that went right. Nothing is perfect but our focus can change everything! Three, appreciate the small things that bring you joy in the holiday season and don’t take them for granted.

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