Stress Release Week 7 & 8: Write down 3 good things daily

We have all heard that gratitude journals can have a profound impact on how happy we are. Here is the twist for releasing stress. I recently attended Resilience presented byDr. Bryan Sexton of Duke University. He took gratitude journaling, a concept I was familiar with, tweaked it from my initial idea and proved the effectiveness through scientific studies. He taught on the impact of 3 Good Things.

Here is how 3 Good Things works:
1. Before going to bed write down 1 good things that happened in your day.
2. Label it with one of the following emotions:
3. Repeat for 2 more good things.
4. Do this nightly for two weeks.
Yes, you have to write it down and include the emotion.

Studies show by doing this you will sleep better, awake happier, release stress and overcome possible burnout. If you do this for one week, the benefits last 6 months. If you do this for 2 weeks they last for a year. That doesn’t mean you need to stop, but it does mean you don’t have to. If you stop, just mark your calendar for next year to do this exercise again!

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