How to Control the Cravings

Are you controlling your food cravings or are they controlling you? I have a secret to share, everyone has food cravings. That is right, your weight, BMI or build don’t determine cravings. We all have them. However, it is important that we know how to control them. When you have a craving, you have three choices: 1. Give in with no thought; 2. Feed the craving with limits; 3. Don’t give in at all. Feeding our cravings is not bad, IF (yes, it is a big if) you are able to pause and make a proactive instead of reactive choice. In fact, consistently denying will feel like you have control until you can’t take it anymore and overindulge!

Here are three tips to controlling cravings:

  1. Take time. When a craving comes, step away for 5 minutes and do something else. Then come back and decide if your craving still exists.
  2. Feed the craving. If you are trying to lose weight, consider if you crave chocolate and never allow yourself any, studies show overindulging is likely. The cost of overindulging is far higher than giving yourself a small treat that you slowly enjoy.
  3. Offer another option. If you step away and decide the craving still exists, but you don’t want to feed it today, do something else that is satisfying.

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