You Make a Difference

Recently I met an amazing women that exemplifies the influence one individual can have in her community. Her name is Karak Mayik Denyok. Karak from South Sudan. She was recently granted political asylum from the United States. Why? Because she made a difference in the women’s lives around her. In a refugee camp, she taught them to read and write. She encouraged the women around her. She taught them they were more than property.

Her story may feel extraordinary, because it is. However, as I listened to her share, I realized all of us have the opportunity daily to make a difference in the lives of those around you. Have you ever had someone change your day for the better? I have. However it was the small things they did that made a big difference. Two of these people are my dad and mom.

Everyday parents, siblings and spouses impact the lives around them. It gives all of us an opportunity to make a difference. As we try to be patient, lend a listening ear, extend encouragement or forgive, we are making a difference. These are the ways my parents changed my life.

Too often we may feel insignificant. If that happens, please look around. You are significant and making a difference in the lives around you. And that changes our world!

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