Individual Coaching

YourMotion Coaching is about you. It was created to support motivated individuals remove roadblocks for the journey they want. Our coaching specializes in three areas: Dietary Changes, Reducing Stress & Family Harmony

Working with a life coach has taught me that I can own my future, how to find solutions, and to shed unwanted stress.  Amanda is particularly talented at providing the right amount of support and counsel while allowing an individual to discover for themselves what the right course of action is.  She has a gift for presenting information in a simple, uncomplicated way that makes sense.  I feel meeting with Amanda is one of the best investments of time I have made for myself, my family and my business in a long while.
A. Wardell, Alexia Wardell Photography, ID



  1. Dietary Changes: Are you trying to create a dietary change, but feel like a lack of will power is holding you back? Has your doctor recommended changes, but it has left you feeling overwhelmed? Do you emotions drive too many of your eating choices? Have you lost weight only to see it inch back on?


  2. Reducing Stress: Do you consistently feel overwhelmed? Do you feel like getting rid of you family, job and friends is the only way to reduce stress? Has your doctor told you to reduce your stress and not knowing how is causing more? Is stress impacting the person you want to be?


  3. Family Harmony: Are you the parent you want to be? Does your home feel too chaotic? Do you feel overwhelmed with implementing parenting tools?

    If you answered yes to any of these, there is hope! With real tools, accountability and support working together, you can create lifelong changes.

    Call or email Amanda today to schedule your free 30 minute discovery session.

    When I heard that Amanda was offering coaching I wanted to add my voice to those recommending her.  The results I saw her develop in others moved me.  Amanda’s got her stuff together.  I can’t think of a better person to help others find peace, balance and strength.
    A. Chatham,  Founder of Eight Oaks Financial, CA