The Healthy Profit

When it comes to your company’s bottom line,
the health of your employees is a major factor.


Emotional eating, stress and time management can be heavy topics often avoided in the work environment. Invite Amanda to facilitate discussions, increase knowledge and provide real tools on these hard topics with lightness and real life humor.

Provide The Healthy Profit and your company will gain
1. Increased productivity
2. Healthier work environment
3. Increased loyalty

Provide The Healthy Profit and your employees will gain
1. Skills applicable to daily challenges
2. Group support for sustained progress
3. Reference materials

Lunch & Learns

Would you like to give your employees
a great kick start for FREE?

The Healthy Profit Lunch & Learn series is an opportunity for employees to be introduced to simple tools and gain an overview on stress management, overcoming emotional eating and improving privatization.

Seminars & Workshops

Are you ready to invest
in the profitability that comes with employee wellness?

The Healthy Profit Seminars and workshops give your employees the tools to create personal change and bring a healthy environment to your company. You can choose from: 90 minute Seminars, 3 hour Seminars, Corporate Retreat Sessions, Small Group Workshops or have a custom program created.

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