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Join SMART Eating Group for support in
creating the food changes you are craving.

Achieve personal goals

Create lifelong change, no more yo-yo diets

Simple tools & ideas to help meet your goals

Group support, you are not alone

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6 Group Sessions for $147

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6 Group Sessions for $114

Need a speaker for your group? Contact Amanda for the following presentations:


Releasing the Beast of Stress to Embrace Joyful Living

Is stress holding you back from joyful living, making desired changes or optimizing your health? Then it is time to release the beast! Learn how to let go of the heavy weight of stress and nurture personal growth by: First, understanding the relationship of stress and your brain; Second, identifying how stress is impacting you; and Third, embracing tools that will release the power of stress in your life.


What is the Point? Aligning Your Decisions with Your Priorities

Is your life full of squeaky wheels that fight for your attention? Are you active in deciding how you spend your time each day or are you caught in a spiral of reaction? When you don’t have a clear understanding and commitment to what you want your priorities to be it is easy to become lost to the wants, wishes and demands of others. PriorityPoints is a way to acknowledge clarify priorities, increase purpose in mundane tasks, let go of time clutters and shift from reactive to proactive decision making.

EPSON scanner image

Upping Your Happy: The Art and Science of Happiness
Are you ready to study the traits of people who are happy and discover how to apply those traits of your own life? Whatever your level of happiness is,  it is the thread that is woven into each day of your life. During Upping Your Happy participants will: 1. Study Six traits of happy people, 2. Identify What Makes You Happy and 3. Gain tools for overcoming personal stumbling blocks.

EatingCharacters DiscussionNT

You are More Than What You Eat: Taking Control of Emotional Eating

Do you know what and how you should be eating but feel like you don’t have the self control to make it happen? Have you worked hard to remove weight only to see it come back? Emotional eating is not about self control. It is about feeling an emotional need. With You are More Than What You Eat, you will: 1. Create an awareness of your eating without guilt, 2. Recognize the source of your emotional eating and 3. Then you can work to fill the emotional gap without food.

All Seminars are available in a 15-30 minute introduction,

45 minute seminar or 3+ hour workshop.

Call or email Amanda for details and to schedule for you group!



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